Can you find me a host? | Nagomi Visit Help Center

Can you find me a host?

Maybe. We say maybe because we won't know until you send your request through our booking form and wait 3 days for responses from hosts. That is the only way to know.

The reasons are because there are numerous factors that result in finding a host.

First, is simply whether or not there are hosts in the area who are available on the date and time you request. Since everyone is a volunteer host adjusting their schedules around their normal daily lives.

Second, it also depends if the hosts in the area are interested in meeting you based on the request profile details you send. This is because our ultimate goal as an organization is for everone to meet a friend they haven't met so no one is obligated to host. Our hosts only host whenever they want to and whomever they want to. It goes the same for you to. You also of course get to pick who you want to meet.

Third, even if they are interested in meeting you sometimes hosts might be worried they can't or simply cannot accomodate certain requests you might have such as dietary requirements or simply don't fit the host type you are looking for.

If we do not find a host you will automatically receive a list of general reasons we have run into for not being able to find one but if you really want to participate in a Nagomi Visit and seem to have trouble getting a response, you are more than welcome to contact us for advice or insight. It might just be lack of information in your profile, that you are requesting dates that land right in the middle of a major Japanese holiday etc. whatever the reason we will be here to help.