We are a large group. Will we be able to find a host? | Nagomi Visit Help Center

We are a large group. Will we be able to find a host?

Yes, but depending on the numbers you might have to split into smaller groups.

The maximum number of people per host has so far been 10 but on average most hosts are only able to welcome 2 to 5 people in their homes.

So if you are looking for a host who can welcome around 10 people we recommend being open to hosts living in the suburbs or countryside since they usually have the larger dining rooms and can welcome everyone in one place.

However, although it does not hurt to try and hope these particular hosts will be available on your requested dates, splitting the group might make it easier for you to find hosts.

In addition to the fact that in terms of space most households in Japan do not have the capacity to welcome more than 5 guests, many hosts like the groups to be small and at least not outnumber the hosts too much so they will be able to fully enjoy communicating with you.

If you decide to split the groups, send individual requests for each of the groups and wait for hosts to respond.

Once the groups are matched, we highly recommend picking a leader for each group who will be in charge of communicating with the host before the visit. Each group should also have their own emergency contact information and especially a phone number.

We have worked with many groups much larger than 10 people so if you are unsure of how best to proceed and need any assistance, feel free to contact the Nagomi Visit team.