What do I need to do before the Nagomi Visit? | Nagomi Visit Help Center

What do I need to do before the Nagomi Visit?

Check your confirmation email
Right after you complete payment you will immediately receive a confirmation email from us on where to meet your host and contact information. Check all the details written on the confirmation email.

Email your host before the Nagomi Visit
We recommend all guests to share any necessary information to help your host find out the best route for you to get to their home. We also ask that you send emergency contact information and a photo of you to your host. Sharing this information beforehand will help to avoid any problems on the day of the visit. This will also be a good time to ask any other questions you have which will help to get to know your host a little bit better.

When preparing an emergency contact
Inform yourself of free wifi services available all across Japan. Buy a sim card for your phone in case there is no wifi available nearby. You can also rent phones or wifi routers at the airport. Make sure you provide the host with an emergency contact number that goes directly to you and not your travel agent. 

Figure out how to get to your host's station
Check out How do I get to my host's home?